What We Provide: We will repair a computer problem or upgrade a computer for you. Additionally, we will provide discharge paperwork to fully explain, to the best of our knowledge, what the problem and what we did to fix it. We will stand behind our work for a period of thirty days after the repair, no questions asked (meaning if you have the same issue within thirty days, even if you cause the issue to recur, we will not charge for a second repair).

Possible Additional Costs: On rare occasions, if the job is expected to be particularly time-consuming, we may increase the base cost ($150 for 2 hours, $200 for 3+ hours). This price will always be quoted in advance, so there will be no surprises, and will remain in effect regardless of how long the job actually takes us. This separates us from many of our competitors, which charge a variable rate based on how long it takes them to perform a task. We do not expect other people to pay us more if some failing on our part makes something take longer than it should.

If the job requires any replacement parts, we will charge the price of the part, plus a 20% markup to cover our work in obtaining the part and dealing with the supplier. We will always provide receipts from the supplier and act as liaison between the supplier and you. If you wish to purchase the part yourself and provide it to us to avoid the markup, this will be accepted, as long as the part is new and in the box when provided to us.

If the job requires virus or malware removal, we increase the charge by 20%. Frankly, viruses are a pain in the keyster, and we have to take extra steps to ensure our equipment is not infected as we deal with it. 

Diagnostic Charge: We charge $20 in advance before coming to your location to inspect your computer. If you elect to hire us for the repair, this charge is applied as credit towards the cost of the repair. If it's a quick fix (5 minutes or less), then there will be no charge beyond this $20. If we decide not to take the repair job for any reason, the charge will be refunded. Basically this is just meant to cover our gas and time in the event that we don't end up doing business.


What We Provide: Simply put, we will transfer material from any antiquated source, including record, cassette, CD, old photographs or VHS tape, and put it on modern DVD or 8GB Flash Drive for you. Don't let precious memories from the past become lost or unviewable with the advance of technology! 

Possible Additional Charges: The base charge assumes a single 6 hour VHS tape, or up to 50 photographs, or a single record, cassette or CD, and that the output will either be one video file or a series of JPG images. Additional charges would apply if there was more source material, or if the output had to be broken up into several segments or manipulated in any way. For example, if a VHS tape contained a child’s 8th birthday party, a wedding, and a day on the beach, and you wanted that broken into three separate video files (one for each event), that would qualify as additional segments. Since this would likely be a very customized thing, we'd have to discuss the project to get an accurate quote. The price for the example given would be $70, to give you a ballpark idea.


What We Provide
: These are one hour classes designed to teach basic computer literacy to people who are very uncomfortable with even the basics of how to use a computer. The class has two major focuses; using the computer to interact with friends and family, and obtaining employment in a call center where computer use is part of the job. It typically takes four classes to cover all the material; a discount is offered if all four are paid for in advance.  

If you are unemployed and need this class in order to obtain employment with certain companies in the Lewiston/Auburn area, we may be able to offer a program in which you do not have to pay for the class until you receive your first paycheck from the employer.  

What We Provide: One hour classes designed to teach people of all ages how to be safe on the internet - don't make the mistake of thinking Internet Safety is just for children and parents! With the prevalence of phishing scams and CPI (Customer Personal Information) mining on the internet today, it's important for everyone to know exactly what the dangers are and some basic defenses to keep in mind while online.

Depending on the material, it can take three to five classes to cover all possible topics. As with our basic literacy class, a discount is applied when paying for multiple classes in advance. We also offer a discount for multiple students, so that all members of a family can take this course together if desired.  

We offer a wide variety of other technological assistance, including, but not limited to:

  • New Computer Assembly
  • Webhosting and Web Design Services
  • Training Seminars for small and large groups
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Phone Services
  • Internet/Network Troubleshooting and Optimization
  • Point of Sale Business Services
  • Business and Personal Technical Consulting

All of our services in these areas are highly customized. If there's something we might be able to do for you, let us know!