As a new company, we have a variety of special offers out there. These deals serve two purposes for us - to determine which sources of advertising are working best, and to offer incentive for customers to bring their business to us while the offers are in effect. For you, the customer, they mean getting our great services at a reduced price. Everybody wins!

Just as in every other area of our business, we strive to set ourselves apart and provide that extra "above and beyond" value. When it comes to special offers, we do that by offering something very few companies do - the ability to use multiple offers simultaneously! Our offers are combinable, up to a maximum discount of 50% off our original price, so long as you use only one offer per source. For example, you could use one coupon from a church bulletin, a second from a newspaper ad, a third from one of our business cards, and a fourth from this website, and we would apply ALL of those discounts to your transaction! However, you could not use two business card coupons on the same transaction (otherwise people would just take 8 business cards off our counter every time they came to us).

Here's what we're offering now for discounts via our website. Just use the coupon code on the site to get the discount!